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Written by Advisor Conor Doyle.

Modular Home Construction and 5 of my favourites!


Anyone who has worked with me knows that I’m a massive fan and advocate of Modular Homes and Construction. Modular construction comes in many forms from “Shipping Container” homes to sophisticated buildings built in individual modules and when assembled should have all the benefits of modular construction with zero compromise to design or functionality.

The advantages of Modular construction are numerous. First and foremost is quality control in a factory environment is light years beyond your typical construction site which will lead to better thermal capabilities and overall building performance for a longer time period. Another advantage is the module construction can run concurrently with site preparation and foundation works, thus, upon completion of the modules, you can go from having an empty site to, in some cases, an almost complete home in a matter of weeks (or less).

There are numerous indirect advantages to modular construction also from environmental, due to the increased efficiency of the factory environment waste is dramatically reduced, to social, in a limited access site or a quiet neighbourhood construction projects can cause a lot of disturbance so by considerably reducing construction time you can reduce disruption to your neighbours. Another indirect advantage is site safety due to the speed and ease of the modular construction as well as removing the onsite framing, and in some circumstances siding, requirements the risk is reduced.

All this being said however my passion for modular construction is in container homes for all the reasons listed above but also, most importantly, they are simply awesome. I have always loved re-purposing something, be it a space or an item and turning it into something beautiful that people look at and can scarcely believe that it used to be what it was. I think this is also where my love of industrial spaces refurbished into lofts comes from.

When you watch a child playing with Lego they don’t see a rectangular block and consider themselves limited by that block, instead they see it for what it is, a pile of brightly coloured opportunities, infinite in its possibility. Just look at these 5 examples listed below and tell me you disagree!


Redondo Beach House, by Peter DeMaria Design, Redondo Beach, California, 2008








London Container City, by Urban Space Management, London, UK from 2001



Prefab houses from MEKA (Modular, Environmental, Kinetic, Assembly)


Manifesto House, Madrid, Spain


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