From now on, this is a thermostat.



Your thermostat controls half your home’s energy, but 20% of it is wasted. Nest helps stop the waste.

This is a very neat gadget, and also smart. Nest learns what temperatures you like and builds a custom schedule for your home. Can your thermostat do that? Not only does it program itself, there are 3 additional features that have made Nest one of the hottest gadgets to date.

1 ) Nest has your Back. – Nest notices when nobody is home and turns itself down. This Nest exclusive works in 90% of homes (make sure it works with your heating system), so you won’t waste energy heating or cooling an empty home.

nest mobile

“5 stars Spectacular” – CNET Editors’ Rating

2) Control from your Phone. – Yes, your phone! Connect Nest to Wi-Fi and you can change the temperature from your phone, tablet, or laptop. Control Nest from the couch or across town.

3) Know more, Save more. – Every month Nest sends you a report on how much energy you used and why. You’ll even get personalized energy-saving tips.

After a week of manually setting the temperature, the Nest learns your schedule and starts to control your home temperature on its own. Plus, you can control it from your computer or smartphone. Boom – your house just got a little smarter

– Kif Leswing.


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