Flushing Away Ancient Forests?

Did you know that the average Canadian uses 100 rolls of toilet tissue a year?   If you rolled it out, it would stretch approximately 5 kilometers.   Green activists are pushing toilet paper manufacturers to use more recycled materials instead of cutting down ancient forests to harvest virgin wood.  They say that a small purchasing change will have a HUGE impact on our environment.

One alternative to using the typical white, fluffy toilet paper which contains no recycled material is to chose brown toilet tissue.  This is made up of 100% recycled paper.  As well, the manufacturing process reduces or eliminates the amount of bleach used to whiten the paper.   Recycled T.P. advocates claim that by removing the chemical processes, production cost is also 50% less.   In fact , some companies are even going as far as to eliminate the tubes inside of the rolls to further reduce waste.

So if you are considering whether the switch to brown toilet paper is worth it, consider these facts from organicgrocerweb.ca


If each household in Canada replaced 1 roll of virgin toilet paper to just 1 roll of recycled T.P. we could save

*47,962 tree

*3,204 cubic metres of landfill space  = 181 full garbage trucks

*65.5 million metres of water = a year’s supply for 135 families of 4


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