Cabinets Say A Lot About Your Style

 More than just Storage, Cabinets reflect Style

Cabinetry- it says a lot about you.  After all, it covers so much of your walls it almost appears to scream, “this is what I like” when you enter the room.

Let’s look for instance at the 2013 hot trend of white kitchens.

What does a white kitchen say to you about the owner?    That they like space?   That they want the kitchen to appear as open and clean as possible?   Did you think about the white kitchen owner’s versatility?   I mean, what’s more versatile than white cabinets in a kitchen?  You can a splash colour and the room is transformed into an entirely different space.

White kitchen are also wonderfully reflective so that ambiance of a room can be changed drastically with just the right lighting.


White cabinets can portray a refined, formal kitchen

or a sleek, ultra modern look.


White kitchens can be detailed or as simple as can be.


The amazing results make us really see how white indeed can tell us a lot about the homeowner.

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