Green World

Being GREEN is more than a policy at FairTradeWorks, it is one of our core values.

Statistics have proven that 50% of the global carbon footprint is a result of the construction industry and the buildings that have been created. In Vancouver alone, more than 20% of our landfill is made up of construction site waste.

Currently, our technology and systems enable us to:

Reduce our construction carbon footprint – Our online bidding processes and in-house software for our corporate communications enable us to reduce waste. Our GPS-controlled fleet allows us to chop travel and delivery runs. Our site standards and reporting processes ensure all trades and homeowners follow our diligent waste management and recycling policies.

Increase efficiency – All construction site information is collected within our databases to allow us and our partnering contractors to monitor waste, create systems for a proper supply chain, increase trade communication and job pooling and even fine tune construction project budgeting.

Easily access and graph our improvements – Metrics are only useful if we can easily see results and continue to improve on our weaknesses. Our user friendly software allows all stakeholders to access pertinent data, graphs and organizational charts, 24/7, even on their mobiles.

Now making promises about corporate environmental sustainability is easier than living up to it. We believe that the construction industry has not yet achieved a high level of environmental consciousness, but we’re working on it. It requires a culture change, and that’s always the hardest thing to do.

By formalizing FairTradeWorks‘ commitment here and on our corporate walls, we are making a statement to our employees and customers that environmental sustainability is important to our company. Every time a process step raises an issue, our environmental commitment will be top of mind — and that may lead to the next big GREEN idea. Though the changes may be small each day, they can move the construction industry just enough to see the really big possibilities.

Below is a list some things we’ve done and some of the things we’re hoping to do but haven’t achieved yet in our Green World. We think it’s important to show you not only what we have accomplished but where we’re headed as well. We recognize that we must always be improving and learning;

We’ve dedicated an entire section to environmental sustainability in our employee and corporate policy manual.

We’ve built basic principles into New Hire Training and are planning an on-line training module for all employees.

Our corporate Principles of Environmental Sustainability are posted in our offices, vehicles and manuals and we hope to include more Green Guests in our FairTradeWorks social media platforms to continually provide guidance in the areas of waste reduction, energy consumption, reporting, etc.

Our first year goal is to add a Green Award to our tool belt.

We have a section dedicated to our environmental performance in our customer services survey. This is intended to not only monitor the performance of our employees and partnering trades, but also to generate new ideas and monitor the impact we are having on homeowners and their consciousness.

We don’t need to invent it all – so if you have suggestions, we’re all ears!

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