Samir Mohammed, Advisor

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Always excited and moved by lofty goals, Samir is one of those individuals who thrives in making the impossible possible, and doing the things that need to get done. With over 15 years in the construction industry and having been involved in the Residential, Institutional, Commercial Sectors, Samir can comfortably say, he’s quite insightful across a multitude of trades.

Samir has completed many big and interesting construction projects. His experience includes building Ministry of Transportation offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, resorts, malls, retail and flagship stores, as well as high end residential homes in Canada. Really, with a team, he can build a small town if you let him!

He possesses the ability to rise above what “is” in order to envision what can be– a great trait for a FairTradeWorks Advisor! He truly enjoys being at the center of extraordinary construction projects, while assisting individuals and organizations with their new build or renovation.

Samir believes that…

At FairTradeWorks, if we accept a job – we put 100% effort into the project. Just enough or good enough is not acceptable.