Jamie Lewis, Advisor


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Jamie was introduced to construction at the age of 11 under his father’s supervision. While helping his dad started as a way to make extra money after school and on the weekends, Jamie said that this is where his passion for the industry was born.

In 2006, Jamie officially completed his carpentry apprenticeship in Ireland. Jamie worked for his mentor and learned a lot from him during this time. This gave him the confidence to go to Australia where he worked for 2 years in construction. While in Sydney, he worked on big residential projects along with some interesting commercial projects.

Jamie came to Canada in 2011 and immediately started working for a small finishing company. He was later hired as a foreman for a larger construction company. It was in this role that he had the opportunity to work on the FairTradeWorks platform. When an opening came up to fill an Advisor position, Jamie said that he knew right away that the job was for him.

Jamie believes that…

FairTradeWorks is not like any other Construction company out there. He says that he enjoys the focus on client interaction and education. He also likes empowering the client to be involved in the planning of the project, as it allows them to enjoy the process instead of feeling powerless and stressed. He adds that he and his family are looking forward to growing with FairTradeWorks. He excitedly notesthe sky is the limit!