How it Works

Our service is an entirely new, customer-driven approach to residential construction. Our Project Advisors ensure that communication between clients and contractors never falls through the cracks.


FairTradeWorks is setting new standards for the construction industry.

Our systematic approach to bidding, project management, site safety, clean-up and environmental sustainability is the driving force behind our innovative service.

Whether you’re planning a small bathroom renovation or a high-end kitchen renovation, everyone deserves to have a safe, neat and tidy job site. So we’ve created guidelines and codes of conduct to minimize the disruption to homeowners during their projects.

You’ll also appreciate our GREEN policies aimed at reducing the impact of your home renovation project and others. Recycling is just one aspect of environmental responsibility. Carefully co-ordinating carbon usage and vehicle management by using GPS and intuitive software, will further reduce the footprint of all FairTradeWorks projects.

Our standardized on-line bidding system will ensure the best possible quote from the best possible people.


There are lots of on-line bidding sites out there. But ours ensures that all trades and bidding are on the exact same terms and conditions (set out at the beginning by you and your Advisor) so that there aren’t wild fluctuations in market value. Materials and labour values are the same for everyone. There will never be any surprises, EVER…


You will never face a project alone.

A FairTradeWorks Advisor will be there from start to finish, to ensure every aspect of the job is done as specified. In addition to the professional assistance of an Advisor, our advanced project management solution will improve coordination. Photos and reports sent to your phone or computer that will keep everyone on-top of the job. Real time communication means you’ll know what’s going on… at any given moment. The result is fewer errors and overall better construction management.

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