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Our service is an entirely new, customer driven approach to residential and commercial construction. Our Construction Advisors ensure that the process from concept to construction is transparent, cost effective, efficient and safe.

Our systematic approach to bidding, project management, site safety, clean-up and environmental sustainability is the driving force behind our innovative service.

We ARE Construction!

5 key components that make our system different from anything you’ve ever seen or heard about before.


Our Advisors:

Each and every homeowner is assigned a professional construction Advisor who will answer questions about your upcoming project,

and be available for advice throughout, monitor inspect and most importantly report progress throughout the entire construction process. This will ensure that you are aware that all standards of the original scope are being upheld and that all FairTradeWorks safety and environmental standards are adhered to. The Advisor will also keep tight restrictions on the timelines to ensure that the job is finished on time before payments are ever made.



The Advisor will also work with you to lay out an exact scope of your project so that it can be sent out to tender to our qualified and approved contractors and trades.

This not only ensures that the trades are bidding on the EXACT scope of work to be done but also drives ‘market value’ producing a clear understanding of the costs.

The 3 most competitive bids will be presented by your Advisor. After your decision of who will complete the work, contracts will be drawn up and construction time lines decided.



Don’t ‘guess’ on who is qualified, insured and able to take on the scope of work needed for a project.

At FairTradeWorks we research and qualify only the top contractors in the area to ensure that they not only have the necessary qualifications and paperwork but that they have a proven portfolio of quality craftsmanship and happy customers.



Confidence in our system continues into how funds are allocated during the home renovation or new home build.

FairTradeWorks’ escrow service holds funds until the pre-approved stages of a project are complete and the homeowner is satisfied. This makes the FairTradeWorks system safe, transparent and fair for all parties



At FairTradeWorks, we believe that open, rapid and transparent communication is the key to excellent customer service.

That’s why we’ve developed a state-of-the-art, easy to use software that not only keeps communication lines traceable but also allows homeowners to stay in touch with the recent developments of their projects from your office or on the go. The homeowner can see plans online, upload photos they want to implement, track timelines and task deadlines and of course keep in touch with their personal Advisor to ask questions and get instantaneous answers throughout every step of the process.

FairTradeWorks is confidence and convenience combined

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