Design Services

In order to keep our FairTradeWorks promise of unprecedented turn around time in addition to quality craftsmanship and exceptional service, we have now implemented our own in-house design team.

This simple, cost-effective solution allows our Designers/Construction Professionals and our Advisors to work together to:

  • Increase efficiency cta-arrow-up
  • Reduce Building Time cta-arrow-down
  • Improve Productivity cta-arrow-up


  • Produce more responsible construction
  • Better regulate costs
  • Give the homeowner better control of their project with one reference point
  • Allow for greener solutions
  • Permit faster building occupation

We understand the intricacies of architecture and design and how that applies to real building solutions. By bringing our professionals together under one roof, we are raising the bar in construction as our team is rehearsed at working together as one unit with efficiency in mind. From our better fee scale, streamed lined communication to unparalleled creativity – we’re proud of our results.

Toll Free: 1-855-860-7366
Lower Mainland: 604-264-7366